Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Secret To Being Beautiful!

THE HOLY BIBLE (The Contemporary English Version – 1 Peter 3:1-7): 1 If you are a wife, you must put your husband first. Even if he opposes our message, you will win him over by what you do. No one else will have to say anything to him, 2 because he will see how you honor God and live a pure life. 3 Don’t depend on things like fancy hairdos or gold jewelry or expensive clothes to make you look beautiful. 4 Be beautiful in your heart by being gentle and quiet. This kind of beauty will last, and God considers it very special. 5 Long ago those women who worshiped God and put their hope in him made themselves beautiful by putting their husbands first. 6 For example, Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him her master. You are her true children, if you do right and don’t let anything frighten you. 7 If you are a husband, you should be thoughtful of your wife. Treat her with honor, because she isn’t as strong as you are, and she shares with you in the gift of life. Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.

THOUGHTS: With all of today’s self-beautification cosmetics and/or tips and tricks, I smiled as I read this passage of scripture, because it’s all in the Book friend! For our females, there is no need for the frequent trips to the beauty salon and your favorite hairstylist, nor competing for the best gold jewelry or the most expensive clothes, in order to look beautiful. Instead, you are to have that inward beauty, through your gentle and quietness of mind and spirit. Your reward is that this kind of beauty will last throughout eternity - longer than any hairdo, and far exceeds the beauty of your expensive jewelry and clothes purchased. Most importantly, it is also especially pleasing to God as He considers a lady with those qualities very special! For our men, we are to be thoughtful of our wives; treat her with honor, especially after considering that she is not as strong as we are and that she shares with us the gift of life. The promised reward for us men, is that nothing will then stand in the way of our prayers. I believe this doesn’t just mean the answer to our prayers, but also means that we can communicate openly with God, without feeling like our prayers went no further than the ceiling, or that we hit a brick wall with our prayers. Friends, as we meditate on this today, I believe that it becomes clear why we see so many failed marriages; why we see so many marriage counselors today; why we see so many women, and men, doomed to fail in their endeavor to live godly lives. It is impossible to live godly lives, if we fail in important areas of our lives such as described in this devotional. I believe it is evident that because of our faith, our godliness, and our obedience to the Word of God, we can live godly lives pleasing to our Master. So I believe the challenge today is: How beautiful do we personally feel? How godly do we feel we are - when aligned with the expectations of the gospel? Have we attained true beauty, as described in this devotional? Is our relationship with God where it needs to be for us to experience true inner beauty? Individually we need to get before the Master and ask for His miracle working hand to endow us with power from above, so that we may see our faults and receive the necessary power and self-will to overcome the ‘ugly’ that has embedded itself in us. As children of the Most High God, we should be a thing of pure beauty!

PRAYER: Father God, You are beautiful in every way, and from this scripture today You have revealed to us that we can be beautiful also, as we strive to do Your perfect will and live more like You in every way. There are challenges given to both women and men, but because of the overpowering world that we live in, we sincerely need Your help, Your power and Your direction to achieve true holiness and godliness. Please humble us today to get over ourselves, and to accept the beauty tips offered in this passage, with the power of Your sweet Holy Spirit that You have blessed us with. Lord, we will not see much change in this world as long as we act just like Satan’s team. We need Your beauty to shine through our character, our actions, our attitudes and to overpower our self-will. Please humble us with the need and the desire to improve our inner beauty and to please You in every way, so that we might represent You well in this old world. Please bless my readers today as they meditate on this devotional. May their eyes be opened to the truth of Your Word and apply it to their lives. For I ask all this in the precious and strong name of Jesus, my Lord, AMEN!

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