Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Perspective on Who We Are

The Holy Bible  (New Living Translation – Isaiah 64:8-9): And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand. Don't be so angry with us, Lord. Please don't remember our sins forever. Look at us, we pray, and see that we are all your people. 

Thoughts:  For those of you who have worked with clay, no doubt you have worked endlessly on a project without making the desired progress, then you may have given up, squished it back to a ball of clay and started all over again, right? I'm sure that the clay didn't speak back at you, or lash back at you for your inabilities or lack of talent to complete the project perfectly! This passage reminded me that God is my designer - my potter. He made me in the image of himself, yet I am much different to any of His other children that He also made. I believe that God will continue to work on me until the day that life leaves my body. Yes, He is God and He could instantly make perfection, however with each bump that He perfects in my sinful life, I learn a lot more about Him and about my shortcomings. In fact, many times these bumps bother me, and I have to call on God, depend on Him, and ask Him to please ease the corrective steps. Because God is my Master, my Provider, my Potter, my Divine Healer and my Friend, I have to be constantly reminded that He deserves my praise, my thanksgiving, my recognition and my obedience. I am acutely aware that in my position as mere clay in His hands, I must be daily looking into His Word for 'Nuggets' of Truth and grace that will help me along my road to perfection. I am reminded that because I expect His touch on my life daily, then my obligation to return thanks, to worship and adore my Lord, must be at least daily also. Surely there are many of you out there that are not as weak and sinful as I am, so you may be challenged to understand just what I am feeling in this devotional today. If there are any who feel this way, let me remind you that you would not want God to withdraw His hand from your life, or this world, for just one day. Believe me, it will not be pretty. You would quickly change your line of thinking, just as the Israelites did in this scripture today. Don't take that chance friend. Know that You are God's very own, by insuring that You know Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior. Then respect His authority as your 'Potter' so that He could continue the great work in you that He has planned for you!

Prayer:  What an awesome reminder dear Lord! You created us from just a lump of clay, and no matter how we fight for our independence in smoothing out our imperfections, only You can continue perfecting the clay that You created. Only You know the end result of what You want us to look like. Only You know what we need to look like in order to effectively minister to that brother that need the Lord, or that sister who might be hurt from the evil of this world. I feel like I need to surrender to You all over again today, because although I gave my heart to You, I know that I often get in the way of You molding me into a usable vessel for Your glory. Please forgive me for my interference, and help me to daily surrender my life to You for Your service and usability. Lord, I believe that You can use even me to touch the life of an unsaved person today so that You can get to their heart and deal effectively in their life. I acknowledge that You can do it without me, but in using me I will be encouraged and blessed, and Your work will still be accomplished. I surrender all to You oh Lord. Use me as You will. For all who will be directed to read this devotional today, I pray that Your work in their heart will be evident in the way they live today. I ask all these things in the precious name of Jesus, my Lord, with thanksgiving, AMEN!


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