Friday, October 24, 2014

WARNING! - Seven things that God Hates

The Holy Bible

Here are six things God hates, and one more that he loathes with a passion:
  • eyes that are arrogant,
  • a tongue that lies,
  • hands that murder the innocent,
  • a heart that hatches evil plots,
  • feet that race down a wicked track,
  • a mouth that lies under oath,
  • a troublemaker in the family.
(Bible Translation and Location: The Message – Proverbs 6:16-19)


As a young child, we learn that obedience to our parents results in their happiness with us, and often brings rewards. On the other hand, disobedience make them unhappy with us, disappointed in us, and often brings punishment. We also quickly learn that their instruction is filled with the wisdom of years of experience filled with tested and proven actions. They lovingly try to help us avoid and repeat the same mistakes that they made. God's Word is also filled with experience after experience that teach us what is pleasing to God and what is not. In the highlighted verses today we can clearly see that there are some obvious things that God hates, with one of them being one that He hates with a passion. These seven practices deal with attitude (pride); thought (a heart that plots evil), speech (lying), action (murder, crime), and influence (a person that sows discord in his family). In learning and/or being reminded of these things, I believe there are at least a couple things that we need to be aware of: 1). When we (Christians) reflect on our day and find ourselves guilty of any of these actions, we should humble ourselves like a child, and go to our Father in repentance, asking for His forgiveness, and for His strength to correct our ways to avoid repeating the same sin; 2). When we see others committing these offenses, we should not be silent. For we can either help the Christian (in love) to see their weakness, or in the case of the non-Christian, love them into a relationship with our Savior who can eradicate their sin and guide them in the right path, as Solomon is doing in this scripture. I would especially like to point our attention to the one sin that God hates with a passion: the troublemaker in the family. Friends, I believe this is referring to our blood family and our church family. Over recent months I believe that I have heard more about family hurts than ever before. Family members not talking to each other, in some cases for years. Church splits because of hurt between 'Christian' families. Wow, Brothers and Sisters, this is awful because the end result is that God's work is minimized at a time when we know that His second coming is near. Like any good family member would feel, we are devastated that some will be left behind, and in many cases this means some of our very family members. Perhaps a day of mourning and fasting is due so that we may deeply concentrate and present ourselves to God as living sacrifices for the betterment of His children – our families. Let's stop pointing fingers at the ones we feel are at fault. We have a lot to do ourselves. Love will bring us together with a common goal of better connecting with God and obeying His commands. Let us seek His face and present ourselves to Him for correction, and a clearer mind on what we can do to enhance the work of the Lord in our blood families and in our churches. Jesus is coming soon friends, let's not be ashamed of the effort we have given to obedience and to loving our families!


Dear Father in heaven. This morning I personally come before you ashamed of all the disharmony that I am aware of in my extended family, and in church families that I know of. Please give me a new boldness to do my part in reconciliation. Please help me to help others that need reconciliation, by being a God-like mentor to them. Other than the opportunities You might give me to help and/or minister to them, please help me to stay clear of any deceiver out to destroy an individual or a family. I'm sorry that I am a part of a family that is torn apart by things You taught through Your wise servant, Solomon. I'm also sorry for not being bold in my witness, that might ultimately lead to unity among Your believing children. I know that we must be united and looking more like You, before we can be a witness to an unbeliever. So Father, I ask that You pour out a sweet spirit of love and revival among Your believers. Help us to mend our ways and our relationships from inside our homes, and inside our churches, so that we can be the witnesses that You would proudly allow to represent You among our non-believing family, friends, neighbors and community. I humbly ask all this believing that Your children are in need of revival so that we might be reacquainted with Your power and love for us, and for the unsaved. I also ask that You might challenge the heart of any that might meditate on this devotional today, to deeply consider their relationship with You and their families, and to also seek Your face for ways they might be better witnesses for You, while there is still time. I ask this in the name of the only One with power to bring this about, Jesus my wonderful Savior. Amen!


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