Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lord, Hear My Prayer

The Holy Bible

1      Lord, I am in great trouble,
so I call out to you.
2     Lord, hear my voice;
listen to my prayer for help.
3     Lord, if you punished people for all their sins,
no one would be left, Lord.
4     But you forgive us,
so you are respected.
(The Everyday Bible: New Century Version – Psalm 130:1-4)

This may seem like a very simple theme today friends, but I believe that God has no intention of making His Word complicated, nor His commands of us impossible to obey. Like David prayed in desperation (in verse 1 he said that he was in deep trouble), so it seems like we often find our way to the foot of the cross to pray in our times of desperation. But I believe that God got my attention on this today about the many times that I hesitate coming before Him for a need until I am absolutely too stressed out, and realize that I just can't do it on my own. When we have a sincere deep relationship with our Savior, like we should, then we should be talking (praying) with Him all the time. We should be discussing our distresses and praising Him for our successes. I believe that when we succeed at this, we will be blessed to note the many times that we wind up making good decisions, or making the right turns in life, for He knows our heart's desires and will guide us in His way everlasting. Now, just to clarify, God knows our hearts without us saying anything at all, however, He enjoys our conversation and is blessed by us turning to Him for our every need. David even gave us a little tip in verse 4 on why God forgives us and handles so many of our requests - so that we might stand in awe of Him and respect Him as God. So I have a very challenging question for my friends meditating on this devotional today: What are the three most challenging things in your life right now? Now the kicker: Have you placed these things in Jesus' hands for a resolution? These are the things that we should have foremost in our prayers to God. Friends, I know that He will hear our voice and, knowing that He cares for us and knows what's best for us in the long run, He will relieve us of the stress we are going through and answer our prayers according to His blessed will (Matthew 6:31-33). Trust Him, won't you?


Lord Jesus, it is so rewarding knowing that we can talk with You about all of our needs, concerns and wants, knowing that You will keep it confidential, and that You will respond with our best interest at heart, despite what we might ask for. You know my name, and Your Word says that You even know every strand of hair on my head. How much more You must care about me when things of this world burden me down, or when I make stupid mistakes. Thank You for answering my prayers in the past and thank You for answering them in accordance with Your perfect will and not necessarily the selfish, silly and worldly ways that I might ask for things. You truly are the God of this universe and You have our best interest at heart. Please humble our hearts to have our one-on-one times with You and to share our most intimate desires and thoughts with You, knowing that You will either answer our prayers or at least comfort us to know that You may have even better plans for us. We have such a small view of our lives and of this world, please help us to trust in You, the one who created it all and who controls its every movement. You are an awesome God in whom I place my trust dear Lord. Bless this day in Your own special way, I pray in the name of Jesus, my Lord, AMEN!


FOOTNOTE: If you have been challenged to make a decision today after reading this devotional, please speak with a local Bible Teaching pastor, or contact me at so that we can pray with you and give you help and or encouragement as you begin, or continue your walk with Jesus. Any words underlined above will indicate a link to a song that came to mind as I wrote the devotional. Feel free to click on the link and listen as you continue to read or pray.

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