Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Nailing Jesus To The Cross Again?

THE HOLY BIBLE (The Contemporary English Version – Hebrews 6:4-6): 4-6 But what about people who turn away after they have already seen the light and have received the gift from heaven and have shared in the Holy Spirit? What about those who turn away after they have received the good message of God and the powers of the future world? There is no way to bring them back. What they are doing is the same as nailing the Son of God to a cross and insulting him in public!

THOUGHTS: I listen to a daily reading from the Word of God and my attention was drawn to the impact on the host as he read through the story of the crucifixion. Having just gone through the Easter season, no doubt some of us have been impacted all over again as we heard the story, or saw a reenactment, especially knowing that it was our sin that made the sacrifice/crucifixion necessary. Considering all this, I was caught aback when I read the above verses this morning, for we come across folk all the time who was once strong in their faith, but have since chosen to step away from the church or their association with other Christian friends, because of past hurts. Friends, it appears to me that we are being taught that although our sins took Jesus to the cross in the first place, when we step aside from the faith and basically say "Oh, but I really wasn't serious about all that I committed to", we are also placing Jesus back on the cross and asking Him to go through that horrific crucifixion all over again, so that we might try again. Would we ever in good conscience do something like this? Could we ever be so awful to ignore what was done for us at Calvary, the impact that the resurrected Christ could have had on our lives, and then look to God and tell Him that you need that horrific act done all over again? Just because of your selfish, worldly, temporary desires? Paul said in 2 Timothy 1:12, "I know in whom I have believed, and I am certain that He is able to keep that which I have deposited with Him until that day" so let us follow Paul's example and be totally committed to our Lord until the day He returns to take us home to be with Him in glory! Pray for that Brother who has not been faithful. Encourage that Sister who is drifting away. But most of all, let us stay committed to the Master until His return! Be determined to not see Jesus crucified all over again because of your worldly desires.

PRAYER: I am reminded of that song, "Tis So Sweet, To Trust In Jesus; Just to take Him at His Word". Father, I pray that You will work miraculously in the hearts of Your people today, especially those being reminded of this scripture in Hebrews. May we commit all over again to be faithful until the end. May we never stop praising You for the enormous sacrifice of Your Son on Calvary. With Your help, may we never allow the things of this world to lead us astray and cause us to stumble and fall. You sacrificed once too many times already because of our selfish desires. May we commit to never allowing the power of Satan to lead us on a path that shows total disregard for all You have done for us. I love You Lord, and I lift My Voice in worship, praise and adoration of Your great love. Please protect us today and lead us to eternal truth and victory in and through the precious blood of Your Son Jesus, for I ask this in faith, in and through His holy name, AMEN!


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