Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Amazing Love and Forgiveness of God!

THE HOLY BIBLE (The Contemporary English Version – Jeremiah 48:42, 46-47): 42 You are finished as a nation, because you dared oppose me, the Lord.
46 People of Moab, you worshiped Chemosh, your god, but now you are done for, and your children are prisoners in a foreign country. 47 Yet someday, I will bring your people back home. I, the Lord, have spoken.

THOUGHTS: As I studied this chapter in Jeremiah I gleamed how upset God was at the people of Moab. In fact, He was legitimately upset over the blatant sin by this people, and total disregard for Him. I believe this climaxed in verse 42 when God basically wrote the Moabites off as a nation, for He told them that they were finished. What frightens me about this is that no matter which country you might be reading this devotional from today, you are well aware of the blatant disregard for God anymore. In fact, it seems like the scales have totally tilted towards Satan and his group of worldly warriors who are bound and determined to rid our world of anything Godly. Further, to save our jobs and protect our families, many of us have given in to many of Satan's compromises, and therefore weakened the army of God even more. I wonder how much longer God will put up with this! In verse 32 of this chapter, God shared how he wept for the people in disappointment for their obstinate attitudes, ways, decisions and disregard for the God who loved and protected them over the years, and had their best interest at heart. I was totally humbled by this, because folk, we are quick to whine and complain and find fault, but when last have you been so concerned for your country that you actually laid out prostrate before God and wept over decisions that are being made by your country that will impact the practice of our faith? However, the highlight of this study comes in verse 47 where God basically told these people that in spite of all that you have done to upset me, one day I will bring you back home, and I could only imagine that this would also mean that He would accept their personal plea for forgiveness. Friends, we serve such an awesome, loving, forgiving God! I pray that as you read this devotional today, that you will reaffirm your faith in God. I pray that if God led you to read this devotional, and you do not have a personal relationship with Him, that this might be a day of decision for you. God's army is the only winning proposition available to us friend! If you are not a part of that army, you are automatically on Satan's team that leads to Hell and total damnation. You do have a choice though, while there is breath. Please read my Footnote for the ways and means of you suring up your life decision. I know you won't regret it!

PRAYER: Father I am reminded again that our ways are not Your ways, for You are filled with compassion, love and forgiveness for Your children, even though we so easily cave in to pressure and selfish desires. Please forgive us Lord, and please continue to teach us Your ways. Please give us a deep desire to know more about You and to willingly concede to allowing You to love on us, protect us, guide us and stand firm in our faith. Thank You for Your willingness to forgive even me, a sinner saved only by Your wonderful grace. Please touch the hearts of my readers today. Let no one read this without a self-examination and rededication to a rich relationship with You. I humble ask this in the powerful and matchless name of Jesus, my Lord, AMEN!


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