Friday, November 21, 2014

Your Defense Against Satan

The Holy Bible

16 At all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out all the burning arrows shot by the Evil One.
(Bible Translation and Location: Good News Translation – Ephesians 6:16)


I believe that our country is well prepared in defending us from the evil that others may want to inflict upon us because of hatred for one reason or another. However, as individuals, how prepared are we in defending ourselves against the evil, temptations and trials that come our way each day? Normally we would think of 'burning arrows' as something an enemy might shoot into the camp of an opposing group, and we could apply this verse, if taken out of context and on its own. However, the 'faith' being referenced in this verse is part of the armor of God that Paul is teaching us to put on each day so that we may remain protected and strong against the enemy, Satan. If taken literally, you might say that you've never been hit by an arrow! Therefore let me suggest to you what some of these 'arrows' might be that would cause Paul to suggest how we might defend ourselves:
  • Depression – I believe that there are probably more folk depressed today than ever before in history. Whether it's due to their concern about their health, family, job, finances or any number of things;
  • Discouragement – It is so discouraging for us to work our buns off for 8-16 hours per day, and still wind up broke at the end of the pay-week, or feel unappreciated by our supervisor, or not to receive a raise for our hard work;
  • Disappointment – You didn't win the award or the promotion that you worked so hard to achieve. You are not pleased with the spouse your child found to spend their lives with. You can't retire as early as you had hoped to.
There are numerous other 'arrows' that Satan may send our way to distract us from the path to righteousness and faith in our Lord and Savior. However, as children of God, refreshed by the Word daily, we know that God is in control of our lives and the circumstances that might impact it. The ability to take hold of these promises and know that God will be, and do, all that He said He would, is accomplished through our faith in our Creator. This 'faith' is possible through our first-hand knowledge and trust in the God of this universe, please read 'To Know God', and our daily walk, or relationship, with Jesus. With this 'faith' we can move mountains, per scripture, and we can put Satan at bay knowing that he is not in control of our lives, but instead Jesus, the Son of the living and all-powerful God is! Praise His holy name forever!!


Jesus, Savior, Lord, Son of God, we are often overwhelmed by the fiery arrows of Satan. Please help us to stay focused and know that our Deflector of those arrows, and our Defender is so much stronger, loving, caring and very capable of handling our defense against Satan. Please soften the hearts of those who might feel like their decision to accept You as Lord is one that is made and forgotten. Please encourage them into a daily, relational, personal interaction with You, and give them knowledge to know that it is only in, and through You, Your grace and Your power that we could ever expect to defend ourselves against the evil one. Lord, may this be a day that Your children will seek You, know You and worship You in all spirit and truth. May we renew our relationship with You and maintain a sweet daily communion with You so that our faith may be energized and reinvigorated to overcome Satan in his daily attacks on us. You are God alone, and in You I place my trust oh Lord! I ask all this in Your precious and most worthy name, AMEN!


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