Monday, November 24, 2014

God Chose Even You!

The Holy Bible

I'm sure that you've heard the story of my earlier life when I lived in the Jewish way. In those days I went all out in persecuting God's church. I was systematically destroying it. I was so enthusiastic about the traditions of my ancestors that I advanced head and shoulders above my peers in my career. Even then God had designs on me. Why, when I was still in my mother's womb he chose and called me out of sheer generosity! Now he has intervened and revealed his Son to me so that I might joyfully tell non-Jews about him.
(Bible Translation and Location: The Message – Galatians 1:13-16)


When we recognize quality Christian leadership in a child today, and we happen to know that he is the son of a church leader, we almost instinctively whisper to our spouse, or friend, "there goes our next pastor", right? However, have you ever been inspired to earmark a child for a future pastorate who may cause the worst problems in his school or is a terror in church, and possibly a mother's nightmare? In these verses, Paul reminds us that we should never give up on a child, and might I dare say on an adult. You see, Paul (or Saul, as he was known in his previous life of sin) was every pastor's nightmare, because he was dreaded by their church members for the evil and persecution that he brought to towns where he located himself. And it was in this setting that God chose Saul/Paul to become a follower of His, and to use those leadership and evangelistic qualities to serve God and not the opposing team leader, Satan. We read in scripture how Paul became quite the success for God's ministry both to the early church, and to us through the many New Testament books that he authored. So let's bring this into perspective. What type of evil is it that you are involved in for which you have been trying to convince God that He could never love and/or accept you? Who is that person that you have given up hope on, and that you have been trying to convince everyone about, that they are a 'nobody'? When someone is at their worst, and we have totally given up on them, could God possibly reel them in, convict them of their sin, and use them to be a great leader for Him? Based on what we know about Paul, I believe that we can be encouraged to know that yes, God can convict even the chief of sinners, turn their lives around and use them for His ultimate glory! Think about it Christian, God chose even you and I while we were yet sinners, acting and looking quite the contrast compared to His perfection. Let's not under-sell the future possibilities for that Brother or Sister that we have been praying for. God's not dead and still very much in control of this world! Let's trust Him for the possibilities He sees in us, not just the ones that we can see or imagine with our own eyes!


Lord Jesus, I want to thank You for seeing me for more than I deserved to be. Although not a murderer or criminal, yet my life was terrible amiss compared to the perfection that You had set before me in Your Word. Praise God, You saw me as a creation of Yours with the possibility of accepting You and serving You. In spite of this miracle in my life, and I'm sure in the lives of many of my readers, yet we still look on others and write them off, instead of witnessing to them about the love of Jesus that is also available to them. Please forgive me Lord for not seeing the possibilities that others can become, with You as their Guide and personal Savior. Please teach us to see others as You see them: sinners who, after being touched by Your hand, can become prime ministers of Yours to use their energies to reach the remained unsaved family and friends who also need You. Father, You are awesome, and I thank You for being such a forgiving, loving God! Please hear my prayer and answer within the confines of Your perfect will, for I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son, AMEN!


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