Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Missed Opportunities

The Holy Bible

As for those who were considered important in the church, their reputation doesn't concern me. God isn't impressed with mere appearances, and neither am I. And of course these leaders were able to add nothing to the message I had been preaching. It was soon evident that God had entrusted me with the same message to the non-Jews as Peter had been preaching to the Jews.
(Bible Translation and Location: The Message – Galatians 2:6-8)


The small statement that I bolded is also translated "God has no favorites" (NLT) or "God does not judge by outward appearances" (GNT). However, how often do we snub our noses at that person who is trying to minister to us, because they're not dressed the way that we picture a pastor, or worse still, how often do we miss ministry opportunities because we just can't be seen associating with a known drinker, or just a sinner in general – you know the kind of folk that Jesus died for? What do we find to say to Jesus when He questions us on our actions? How do we feel when we hear about that same person dying without anyone else ever having the opportunity to share the gospel with them? Missed opportunities sting a lot friends. Most of us have such a fear about sharing with others, because we feel inadequate. First of all, we are inadequate, as we should never attempt witnessing without giving God the lead. Please don't make it a 'me' thing! Secondly, fearing what others may think or say was actually covered in my reading in the Proverbs this morning: "It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you, but if you trust the Lord, you are safe." (GNT - Proverbs 29:25). Let's be careful to give God praise for all His mercies, and let's stop focusing attention on ourselves. God, in His infinite mercy saved us, and it is He that could use us to minister to others, but we must be available to Him. Let's use this week of Thanksgiving celebrations to truly open ourselves up to God, so that He might bless our family gatherings and each member present, in spite of what we know them to be away from the family! God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that ALL might come to know Him! Let's let Him do His thing in and through us this Thanksgiving holiday time!


Father, I am thankful for all that You have done for me, especially the sacrifice You made for me at Calvary, and I am also thankful for Your watchful, protective hand over me each and every day that I live. Please help me to not allow those blessings to just channel up inside, but to openly share with those in need. Those who see no hope for their future. Those who have no hope because they don't even know You. Thank You for sending Paul to minister to so many in his day, and that his written words, under Your inspiration, can continue ministering to us today. Paul encountered challenges, but he quickly allowed You control of his situations. Lord, may we also surrender ourselves to You so that Your perfect will might be accomplished, and not just our selfish desires. My greatest desire is that all my family, friends and acquaintances will come to know You and live for You, so that we may one day all celebrate around Your throne in glory! I realize that You are all powerful and can touch the lives of each of these, but please empower me to do my part and to be obedient to Your voice and Your instructions, regardless of my impressions of the person. You are all powerful dear God, and I'm not, so I humbly ask that You answer my prayer today, for it's in the name of Jesus, my merciful Savior that I ask all this, AMEN!


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